6 Things To Consider When Buying a Used Digital X-ray System

Jun 7, 2023 7:00:00 AM / by Chad Hutchison

Buying a used X-ray system lowers the up-front cost of a digital X-ray system. However, buying used may have some drawbacks that you should weigh to find the system suitable for your practice.

Your system should be compatible with other technologies and have a current operating system. If possible, look for options with existing warranties. The right choice keeps patients safer. 

If you're considering purchasing a used digital X-ray machine, here are six things to remember.

Key Considerations for Used X-Ray Machines

Pay attention to the details when considering used X-ray machines for purchase. The system’s hardware and internal mechanisms as well as external factors like past usage and service history all impact what kind of performance you can expect.

1. Operational Status

Check for any signs of damage to the system itself. Even a machine that looks to be in good condition may have hidden issues lying below. 

Purchase from a trusted vendor and ask the supplier for a certificate from a qualified assessor to prove it's in good working condition. Another tip is to read the terms and conditions carefully so you know what you may be entitled to if an issue arises.

2. Service History

Ask questions about who serviced the X-ray machine in the past and how often it was maintained, as this impacts the system's longevity and performance. While you may think that the more it's been serviced, the more issues there were to fix, it's a sign that the machine has been well taken care of by its previous owner.

3. Past Usage

It's also essential to understand how the system was used in its previous life. Some digital X-ray machines are used in much higher volumes than others, such as a busy hospital. A machine with heavy past usage but infrequent servicing may cost you more money to maintain in the long term.

4. Operational Hours

Ask about the machine's total operational hours since it was first used. Capacity is largely impacted by use over time, so ask an X-ray technician to inspect the machine and give you an idea of what the current capacity is and how long the machine may last.

5. Costs

Factor in the total cost of ownership associated with a used X-ray machine. This includes the initial purchase price, regular maintenance, parts replacement fees, re-installation, etc.

These can add up quickly if you're not careful, so understand your overall investment before you commit. There are fewer costs associated with a new system because they are often in better shape and come with active warranties that may cover things like repairs and part replacements.

6. Upgrades

Finally, consider any upgrades that may be necessary if the previous owner did not already make any. You need an X-ray machine compatible with modern systems. Older machines can require additional components or software to work with other technologies or extend their lifespan.

Upgrades can get expensive, so you'll want to know if any replacement parts have already been installed.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Systems

Lower Standards

Used systems may not be up to the same performance and safety standards as new ones.

More Maintenance

Used systems may require more frequent maintenance and expensive repairs, which can cost more than a new system in the long run.

Limited Warranties

Used systems may be out of their warranty periods or have limited warranties left, leaving you uncovered and vulnerable if something goes wrong.

Advantages of Buying New Systems

Sharper Imaging

New X-ray systems produce sharper, more detailed images than used ones.

Lower Radiation Levels

New systems use less radiation, which keeps patients and staff safer.

Latest Technologies

New systems have the latest technologies and features to maximize efficiency and performance.

Active Warranties

Many new systems come with active warranties that may cover repairs or replacement parts if something happens, saving you money long-term.

Not Sure If You Should Buy a New or Used X-Ray Machine? Contact Us!

Overall, there are pros and cons to buying a used X-ray system versus a new one. While a used system can seem cheaper up front, new systems can save money in the long run by minimizing maintenance, repair, and loss-of-warranty costs. They're also more modern, can last longer, provide better imaging, and keep patients safer.

Whichever route you take, do research to make the right decision. If you need consultation,reach out to Patient Image with any questions so we can help.

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