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Retrofitting: Analog to Digital Technology

Marcos del Rio


Old-school analog equipment is no longer competitive and forces you to work in isolation. Converting to digital equipment can help your practice attract quality healthcare providers and merge with other clinics seamlessly. Doctors and patients are expecting images and test results to be easily accessible and electronically sent to other facilities for review. A digital x-ray retrofit can save you a lot of money in the long run and make it much easier to maintain your equipment.

But what about departments that are on a tight budget? Digital equipment can be expensive and may require in-depth training on the new portable ones.

New machines can be expensive, you don’t need the latest and greatest to get started in digital radiography.

Consider a Digital Retrofit

Retrofitting is easy and affordable. Our upgrade doesn’t take any intensive time or staff training. Retrofitting is quick, it can be done in a few hours or less. It improves workflow and project completion rates. The training is minimal, requiring basic knowledge of the software package and image management tools. And if you work more with the machine, then no need to train a lot of staff on new technologies.

Retrofitting involves mounting a flat screen/laptop onto the old X-ray unit. This can be done by either tethering with a cord, or wirelessly pairing the screen/laptop to a digital imaging detector.

Here is a list of a retrofit’s key components:

  • Tablet PC/Laptop
  • DR Panel
  • Swappable battery

Digital images can be quickly visualized, and transferred from one facility to another to provide a fast diagnosis and treatment plan for a patient. Retrofitting doesn’t require the need to upgrade internal equipment either!

Done right, many rural hospitals can stay up-to-date and use digital equipment too. Our touch screens and laptops are easily removable and can be used as we need them. Additionally, they can be taken to other places in the hospital for imaging reviews. The beam-sensing technology is really easy to keep upgraded as it connects to the analog portable detectors. The sensor is self-powered, rechargeable, and is very versatile in case you decide to upgrade further in the future.


Retrofitting your X-ray equipment is a great option, as it's cost-effective, provides all the advantages of digital X-Ray for a fraction of the price and takes up less space.

Some digital detectors are interchangeable and have no compatibility issues with most hospital's or outpatient centers' archival systems.

Retrofitting an analog portable machine will digitalize your healthcare business and make you competitive and compatible with other major networks. For cost-effective imaging solutions in your practice, speak to one of our experts. They can help you decide between new, refurbished or retrofitted digital x-ray detectors.

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