4 Reasons To Switch to a Digital X-ray Machine

Jun 1, 2023 1:48:41 AM / by Chad Hutchison

The shift from traditional X-ray machines to digital models is growing. 

Traditional film-based X-ray machines have several inherent limitations, such as long imaging processing times, inconsistent image quality issues, and physical storage requirements. 

There are compelling reasons to switch to digital X-ray machines. Read on to find out if they can help you improve patient care.

1. Faster Turnaround Time

Digitization in radiography can speed up workflow and improve accuracy. Digital X-rays capture and display images on the computer screen instantaneously after exposure. This faster processing is especially beneficial in time-sensitive situations, such as diagnosing and treating patients with critical conditions. 

In contrast, analog film X-ray machines have a wait time due to film processing. Depending on the number of images needed and the complexity of the examination, it can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour or more.

2. Better Images 

Image quality is another advantage that digital X-rays have over their analog counterparts. Instead of chemical processing, digital X-rays use an electronic sensor to capture the image. 

These sensors deliver superior imaging quality, allowing you to capture more brightness levels and subtle details. Ultimately, sharper imaging means more accurate diagnoses and better prognostications, such as identifying early signs of disease. 

Digital X-rays also have a broader range of imaging capabilities, such as the ability to manipulate images post-production. For example, you can improve the image parameters and adjust the brightness and contrast to enhance visibility. 

3. Easier to Store

Analog X-rays create film-based images, which require physical storage. These facilities must be dark, climate-controlled environments to prevent deterioration or damage. These storage requirements present various challenges and risks, such as the potential for the film to be lost or damaged, resulting in a loss of vital medical information. 

Digital X-rays eliminate the need for film storage, which saves physical space in your medical facility. Instead, you can store those digital image files on your computer or cloud services, protecting against data loss. Digitization also improves organization and file sharing within the office and with other providers. 

4. More Environmentally Friendly

There’s a growing impact on the waste generated by the healthcare industry. As a result, medical facilities and hospitals are becoming more environmentally conscious. 

Analog X-rays rely on film sheets and chemicals for processing. These film chemicals are hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly. When film rolls are stored in a darkroom, equipment is needed to maintain optimal film processing and storage conditions. They require temperature control, ventilation systems, and specialized lighting, which generally requires high energy consumption. 

In contrast, digital X-rays remove the need for film and chemicals. As a result, you don’t get the waste caused by the production and storage of those processed films. 

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your medical equipment is a big decision. However, switching to digital X-ray offers various advantages that ultimately streamline operations and improve patient care. 

At Patient Image, we offer X-ray machinery to various types of medical facilities. We’re committed to providing tailored X-ray solutions to meet your imaging and financing needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help elevate your medical practice.

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Chad Hutchison
Written by Chad Hutchison

Founder and CEO of Maven Imaging, Chad Hutchison has been in the medical imaging equipment market since 2003. As his business grew, he pioneered buying and selling medical equipment online and eventually began offering leasing and financing to meet market demands and help customers. His market expertise goes beyond traditional medical imaging and finance support, as he’s spearheading cloud-based lending solutions for vendors across the sector.