5 Things To Look for When Buying a Vet X-ray Machine

Jun 3, 2023 6:00:00 AM / by Chad Hutchison

X-ray machines are indispensable in modern veterinarian offices, empowering providers to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. 

However, not all X-ray machines are suitable for vets. Before purchasing a vet X-ray machine, you need to consider factors like portability, size, in-clinic needs, cost, and manufacturer support are vital to consider. 

Dive into these factors so that you can make an informed purchase. 

1. Portability Needs

Take a moment to evaluate your clinic size and portability needs. A larger clinic may have the space for a whole-room X-ray system, while a smaller clinic may prefer a portable, maneuverable X-ray machine to move from room to room. 

Also, consider where you treat patients. A portable X-ray machine is vital if you often travel between examination rooms or need to treat animals in remote locations, like mobile clinics or farms. 

2. Size

Size plays a critical role in the selection process. Look at the machine’s dimensions and ensure it aligns with your clinic’s space constraints. 

You can measure the designated area when you plan to position the X-ray machine. This gives you an idea of whether the machine fits within the allocated space while maintaining an organized clinic layout so that it doesn’t disrupt your operational efficiency. 

3. In-Clinic Needs

Your vet clinic’s needs are unique, whether it’s speed and efficiency for high-volume vet offices or the availability of features for specialized care.

A machine with a newer operating system can quickly capture high-quality imagery, maximizing efficiency and reducing patient stress. Efficiency is vital in vet settings like emergency veterinarians. 

However, if you prioritize advanced information options, you may look for digital radiography (DR) or computed radiography. Better image quality, reduced exposure time, and digital storage allow more precise treatment. 

If you’re unsure which machine best fulfills your clinic’s needs, contact Patient Image for guidance. Our team of experts can provide in-depth consultation on various X-ray machines you’re considering.

4. Manufacturer Support

When investing in a vet x-ray machine, it’s not just the machine that matters but the support you receive from the manufacturer. 

Reputable manufacturers should provide comprehensive training and education on installing and using your new device. Your entire veterinary team needs to be on the same page with proper training to maximize the machine’s capabilities. 

You may also encounter technical issues or have questions during the product’s lifespan. The manufacturer should offer troubleshooting guidance or repairs so that you can deliver uninterrupted care to your animal patients. 

5. Cost

Costs are a huge factor for any investment, especially equipment purchases. Setting a realistic budget can help narrow your options and find one that meetings your financial plan. 

While it’s tempting to pick the machine with the lowest price tag, it’s critical to assess the total value of your investment, such as the cost savings that a high-quality machine would bring. 

If budget constraints are a concern, look into financing options. Patient Image offers financing solutions in-house so that you can acquire the vet X-ray machine you and your clients need. 

Looking to Purchase a Veterinary X-Ray Machine? Work With Us!

A vet X-ray machine is a staple for any veterinarian practice. Performing extensive research before purchasing can save you a lot of money and problems in the future. 

If you’re looking to purchase, work with Patient Image. We’ll provide assistance and consultation to ensure your patients get the care they need.

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Chad Hutchison
Written by Chad Hutchison

Founder and CEO of Maven Imaging, Chad Hutchison has been in the medical imaging equipment market since 2003. As his business grew, he pioneered buying and selling medical equipment online and eventually began offering leasing and financing to meet market demands and help customers. His market expertise goes beyond traditional medical imaging and finance support, as he’s spearheading cloud-based lending solutions for vendors across the sector.