Location and room size requirements for chiropractic digital x-ray

May 24, 2022 11:10:00 AM / by Jennifer Hutchison

When it comes to setting up a new chiropractic practice, there are a number of important considerations. One of the most important is choosing the right x-ray equipment. The type of equipment you select will largely be determined by the type of practice you want to establish. For example,

if you are planning to open a small clinic, you might only need a basic x-ray machine but also you can operate in a smaller room. On the other hand, if you are hoping to establish a full-service hospital, you will need a much more sophisticated system and more space to accommodate a larger x-ray system.

In this post we will guide you through the location and room size requirements for your chiropractic digital x-ray system.

X-ray room location

The very first step is to decide what type of equipment your practice will need and select a room that is appropriate for the x-ray equipment. Site planning requirements may vary by state, so please contact a sales representative at sales@patientimage.com for specific details. You may contact one of our representatives directly at (800) 257-3013.

The x-ray room can be located anywhere within your site. Ideally, the x-ray room would be located on an outside corner of the building that has two outside walls. This will reduce the costs of the lead lining

Safety requirements for x-ray rooms

The x-ray room needs to be designed to meet all safety requirements including lead-lining the door, operator wall, and windows where applicable.

Windows in chiropractic x-ray rooms

When choosing a chiropractic x-ray room it’s preferable that you have one door and no windows. If there are windows, their location and dimensions will be critical for the placement of tube and/or bucky stands. Windows will need shades to reduce light to enable you to see the collimator light field for patient positioning.

Room size for chiropractic digital x-ray systems

Room size can vary and depends on the type of chiropractic practice. Below are some basic room dimensions to minimize the size of the room required and maximize the efficiency in your x-ray department.

Basic Chiropractor room is 12’ x 10’ and includes;

  • Wall Unit
  • Wall mounted tube stand
  • HF generator
  • Control room to stand in with computer and monitor

Equipment upgrades

New advances in technology are being made all the time and what was state of the art a few years ago is now outdated. This can be a major headache for those who are responsible for maintaining imaging equipment, as it can be difficult to keep up with the latest changes.
If your equipment comes to the end of its lifespan please get in touch with us and we will discuss how you can upgrade your x-ray equipment efficiently and cost effectively.


As long as you have enough space in your chiropractic clinic, we will be able to design a room for your radiology treatments. Let us customize a plan for your practice so everything fits where it should be, contact us today.

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Jennifer Hutchison
Written by Jennifer Hutchison

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